4 & 5 September 2021

“Investing in inner self way is the only way out to an harmoniously and truly evolution of our species”

by KL | Abraham Shalom Yallah Bakhna

Program:      African Asanas

Schedule:  Saturday & Sunday,  7 am – 6 pm  

Included  |  Lunch e Snacks

Price | 250 euros           * Limited Places

* Punctuality is also a way of love. Please be aware of our terms & conditions.

IKH Portal work the awareness of your own existence, to integrate that you are enough!

The focus is on cultivate the consciousness and creating the balance between your inner and outer world, the material and non-material world.

IKH gives you access a set of tools to live and accept your life in a simple and conscious way, preparing you to accept and receive your transformation without making judgments and limitations of yourself.

Unleash your potential by deconstructing certain beliefs that prevent you from manifesting who you really are and start living your authenticity by integrating that you are enough!

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