"We are what we practice every day. Cultivate yourself by practicing what you want to be."

by Kwenda Lima

Inner Kaizen Humanology is an evolutionary method, created by Kwenda Lima, that allows you to live your existence consciously as a whole. This method gives you acess to simple and powerful disciplines and tools that encourage you to cultivate the physical, mental and spiritual bodies as interdependent so that you can manifest the fullness of your personal potential in an authentic and harmonious way.

IKconsists of three principles:

  • The Intelligence
  • The Heart
  • The will

Mbolo program

Initiation to simplicity


Art Conference

Inner BA & Artistic Assembly

"The bamboo plant takes time to grow but once developed, it has incredible strength. Just like mankind."

by Kwenda Lima

IKH | Branches

Live from the inside out but in harmony whatever your day-to-day environment.

Inner KA

by Kwenda Lima | Individual Consultations


by Kwenda Lima | Gatherings

Inner Ankh

by Kwenda Lima | Group Classes

Kaizen Bakou

by Kwenda Lima | Group Classes

Kaizen Njel

by Kwenda Lima | Group Classes