Inner Kaizen Humanology is an evolutionary method, created by Kwenda Lima, that allows you to live your existence consciously as a whole. This method gives you acess to simple and powerful disciplines and tools that encourage you to cultivate the physical, mental and spiritual bodies as interdependent so that you can manifest the fullness of your personal potential in an authentic and harmonious way.

The roots of IKH comes from the source of truth, based on simplicity and humility Embracing the wisdom of the green people, the stone people, the water people, the subtle people Expressing gratitude for the wisdom of all African ancestors, of in general, from all places and corners around the world. IKH is the journey of conscience in the legacy of humanity beyond the borders of countries, beliefs, races, religions or philosophies Its basic principle  is the recognition that we are all part of the universal family and that everything is interconnected.

The IKH practitioner understands the essential spirit that is in himself and in all beings. Integrates that we are all part of nature. That we are cells of this matrix that is Nature symbolizing part of that universal consciousness.  IKH seeks and manifests the wisdom of the laws of life and the connection with the forces of creation, freedom and free will of the matrix of the universal soul. IKH seeks to remember and understand the essential and universal spirit that is in itself and in all beings integrating that we all come from the same source of knowledge where practices are universal, adapted to each culture and each belief presenting the same mystical, artistic, scientific, religious and symbolic contents. This knowledge is accessible to all beings depending on the sincerity and dedication of each one at the beginning or during their search. This awareness or alignment with the strength of the creator is transformed into the power of self-healing and self-knowledge, expanding the psychic abilities of each one who seeks him through reconnecting with life, with the sacred forces and the mysteries of creation in all times, civilizations and cultures. With the guardians and masters of the sacred mysteries of the universal matrix and of the true initiations that act  in spiritual dimensions outside the material plane. Inciting at all times the true and humble path that all practitioners should seek. IKH practitioners seek to open their hearts to the manifestation of simplicity and humility. Understanding that Harmony is a silent joy that seeks God not through the image but  through the experience. IKH makes you aware of your power as an artist to create an image generating an emotion and consequently the manifestation of an action thus changing your reality. IKH practitioners know that if they are emotionally free, no external circumstances can take  away their inner peace.

"The bamboo plant takes time to grow but once developed, it has incredible strength. Just like mankind."

by KL | Abraham Shalom Yallah Bakhna

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