IKH | Dance Conference

Kwenda Lima’s technique is cinematic, moving and flowing its focus between African tribal movements, animals way of moving and behaviour, the art of Butoh dance combining with Qi-gong; between the individual’s emotion and character in counterpoint to the group. Where the stage become a temple to share the whole creative meditation process with the society. We dance to know what it feels like and to be alive. In all our intension, we strive to move ourselves, and our audiences, beyond reason. Keeping the audiences awake to experience every single moment from the gut. Connecting them with the unknown, trusting life, nature, god or something that rules us.

"The triad body-mind-spirit is the basic raw material for everything to happen, where the goal is defined through art, as something that raises us, on and off stage."

– Kwenda Lima

Choreographed by Kwenda Lima