IKH Retreat | Tajabone

Fasting & Silence

22-24 Jan 2021

“During our pilgrimage on Earth, let’s shift our thinking from what can I get to what can I offer. Niokobok*. So be it.”

by Kwenda Lima

Program     Kaizen Njel; Inner Ankh; 

Schedule:  Friday & Saturday,  7 am – 6 pm / Sunday, 7 am – 3 pm

* Punctuality is also a way of love. Please be aware of our terms & conditions.

Accommodation  |  Eywa Kaizen  Bring your sleeping bag and tend

A weekend for healing, clarity and illuminating your inner silence.

The less you do for awhile, the closest you get to the source which guides you to who you really are. 

The retreat, will help you releasing old tension which also supports you in the detox process physically, mentally and Spiritually. 

Every morning we will start with traditional Kaizen Njel as a preparation for Inner Silence. The whole day will be based on Inner Ankh. Each day we will make a silent rituals. 

At the end of the day, you will be served a nice and smooth soup, that will cheer your system and allow your body to relax, rest and detox. 

Thank yourself for the  time and energy  you took to nourishing yourself and relax in the simplicity of a deep sleep in your tend in Eywa Kaizen space.

TAJABONE 2021 | Booking

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