Sama Khol

by Kwenda Lima, Ana Sofia Gonçalves & Sofia Lima | 17th & 18th of July 2021

“Investing in inner self way is the only way out to an harmoniously and truly evolution of our species”

by KL | Abraham Shalom Yallah Bakhna

Integration of all your self according to your essence and through the Art of Being. In these gatherings it is the opportunity to create within yourself the right conditions to accept yourself and transform into consciousness to accommodate your essence in life, discover new potentials and talents, the reunion with personal power. Here we facilitate moments that allow you to work on your strength and physical and mental structure, integrating the awareness of your body as a whole, increasing your frequency of vibration, flexibility and your power of co-creation. It is an opportunity to come into manifestation during your pilgrimage in this lifetime. Find moments with many dynamics that allow you to integrate and share your process through the Art of Beings who you are. Allows you to deconstruct your mental noise and conquer emotions of well-being to expand to a new way of seeing and facing life, healthier, more harmonious and full.

Schedule:  Saturday & Sunday,  9 am – 5 pm

Price | 90 euros        * Limited Places

* Punctuality is also a way of love. Please be aware of our terms & conditions.


Please follow the instructions on the calendar to make your booking. Gratitude!