MBOLO | Initiation to Simplicity

by Kwenda Lima | Increase your vibration frequency

The Mbolo program is an initiation based on ancestral wisdom using simple tools whose direction is the Depth of Being and the vehicle is the Simplicity.

Duration of Initiation: Two Months

"In Nature, science, religion and art are one expression, one thing. Unfortunately, humans have gained the habit of separating them and even opposing them."

by KL | Abraham Shalom Yallah Bakhna

"The Lands of today are immense but they need peaceful workers to work them bringing as tools thoughts, feelings and actions as ingredients to unite everyone with the whole, a world in community."

by KL | Abraham Shalom Yallah Bakhna

IKH Concept



Meetings for internal study gaining courage for deconstruction and integration | Become the meditation you practice (through actions and/or manifestations in your daily life). It is a circle of deep healing work for each individual in the community. Circle to Integrate a conscious communication without feeling alone.

African Asanas


Kaizen Bakou

Cultivate your physical body through movements based on African asanas | Cleaning up physical memories. Through the “pleasant dimension” of physical joy, it explodes through the rhythms of the world based on African rhythms. It awakens in the individual the desire to continue deconstruction, cleaning, motivation, determination and determination. invites you to challenge your physical body through dance and chants honoring all the ancestry that sustains us.

Integration & Manifestation


Inner BA

Circle for manifestation of your journey in Mbolo. Moment to share your process during the Mbolo, through the art chosen by you as a vehicle for the manifestation of what has been transformed or transmuted.

"Artists are the voice of God. They show us the several faces of our society."

by KL | Abraham Shalom Yallah Bakhna

Mbolo | Nacional - GROUP I

Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7.30 pm till às 9 pm

Mbolo | Nacional - GROUP II

Wednesdays & Fridays from 7.30 pm till às 9 pm

Mbolo | Internacional

Sundays | online from 4 pm till 6 pm


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