Mbolo | Initiation to Simplicity

Increase your vibration frequency | Phisical Body, Mental Body and Spiritual Body

by Kwenda Lima, Sofia Lima and Ana Sofia Gonçalves

"The Lands of today are immense but they need peaceful workers to work them bringing as tools thoughts, feelings and actions as ingredients to unite everyone with the whole, a world in community."

by KL | Abraham Shalom Yallah Bharna

Twice a week | During two months

Mbolo | Nacional - Presential

Tuesdays - Theory from 7 pm till 8 pm | Thursdays-Practice from 7 pm till 8.30 pm

Mbolo | Internacional - Online

Tuesdays - Theory Online from 5 pm till 6 pm | Thursdays-Practice from 5 pm till 6 pm

This IKH initiation structure is based on the following:

  • The Ancestors Wisdom Matrix 
  • The Inner Art Matrix
  • Sacred economy
  • Consecration of Body | Orixas
  • Universal Wifi Matrix 
  • Vehicle of Light / IKH Equation I 
  • Inner Waterfall / IKH Equation II
  • African Asanas 
  • The Body-Mind-Spirit Matrix

"In Nature, science, religion and art are one expression, one thing. Unfortunately, humans have gained the habit of separating them and even opposing them."

by KL | Abraham Shalom Yallah Bakhna


Meetings for inner study gaining courage for deconstruction and integration.

Sacred conversations | Become the meditation that you practice

Communicate with each other in balance. It cultivates giving and receiving, in a process where individually, patience, focus, flexibility, acceptance, firmness and delicacy are worked out in relation to their own emotional conflicts and in relation to the other. Reassuring the relationship with and between them, as man and woman, respecting the importance of existence in each person’s life. From silence to silence. Being able to manifest, through conscious communication, what differentiates us and what wants to unite us so much. Cultivating the space  without feeling lonely.

Group sessions: Meditation that leads you to cultivate an internal study, leading to a practical and precise transformation in the way you live your life. Become meditation itself through actions and / or manifestations in your daily life.

Kaizen Bakou

Cultivate your physical body through asanas based on African movements | Cleaning physical memories

Prepares the body as a whole for the IKH route. The group works in the individual and the individual in the group. Through the “pleasurable dimension” of physical joy, it explodes through the “straitjacket” of the world’s rhythms based on African rhythms. It awakens in the individual the desire to continue to bring the pain of relief, deconstruction, cleanliness, motivation, claw and Determination.

Kaizen Njel

Practice functional movements making your physical body aware

Ground movements that increase strength, flexibility, power and endurance at the same time. It is not only physically challenging, but also mentally, since you need to be aware of your body as a whole and release your inhibitions to move so differently. Once you are familiar with the movements, you can connect them all as if it were a dance.

Inner BA | Move to the Manifestation

by Art Kaizen production

The stage or any other environment becomes a temple where the creative process is shared as a meditation from within, in community society.

Stop, Observe, Absorb and Digest to integrate the impact of yours and the actions of others on you. Being able to transform and or transmute the memories that your bodies continue to carry. Embrace and integrate improvisation as a process to bring you back to the source.

Meeting with Art within you to:

  • Remember where they came from.
  • Realign themselves  or position themselves  not outside but inside their self.
  • Create and or clean the environment in and around them so that they can receive and manifest the voice of God with simplicity and great courage.

"Artists are the voice of God. They show us the several faces of our society."

by KL | Abraham Shalom Yallah Bakhna

National Group | Language: Portuguese

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International Group | Language: English

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