"Accepting the present Life! With meditative practice and energetic balance we can support our emotional growth, observing our attitudes that are the expression of our mental state, having the opportunity to be aware every day!"

by Sofia Lima

Khonsu | It means the traveler. It is connected to the Moon, the light in the darkness.

Guide to Meditation and Spiritual Development Meditation is a fantastic tool for internal peacemaking, self-awareness, discovery of new potentials and talents, a connection to a higher energy that exists in each one of us and, consequently, the reunion with our personal power. The outer world is a reflection of our inner world, and no one can organize his outer life without first organizing his inner life. Meditation can help to release the internal “garbage”, calm all the mental noise, conquer emotions of well-being and expand to a healthier, harmonious and fuller life.

June | Day 25th

Theme | Meditative Dynamics, Movement and Astrology

Guest | Alberto Brito


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July | Day 2nd

Theme | Meditative Dynamics, Movement and Music. Conscious Integration: Body, Mind and Soul

Guest | Luana