Sacred conversations | Become the meditation that you practice

Meetings for inner study gaining courage for deconstruction and integration.

Communicate with each other in balance. It cultivates giving and receiving, in a process where individually, patience, focus, flexibility, acceptance, firmness and delicacy are worked out in relation to their own emotional conflicts and in relation to the other. Reassuring the relationship with and between them, as man and woman, respecting the importance of existence in each person’s life. From silence to silence. Being able to manifest, through conscious communication, what differentiates us and what wants to unite us so much. Cultivating the space  without feeling lonely.

Group sessions: Meditation that leads you to cultivate an internal study, leading to a practical and precise transformation in the way you live your life. Become meditation itself through actions and / or manifestations in your daily life.


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* Pontualidade também é uma forma de amor. Esteja ciente dos nossos  termos & condições.