Practice functional movements for a conscious physical, mental and emotional structure

Kaizen Njel


Practice functional movements for a conscious physical structure

Movements on the ground that increase strength, flexibility, power and endurance at the same time. It is not only physically challenging, but also mentally, since you need to be aware of your body as a whole and release your inhibitions to move consciously.

Kaizen Bakou


Cultivate your physical body through asanas based on African movements | Cleaning physical memories

The sessions of Kaizen Bakou, one of the branches of Inner Kaizen Humanology, are based on ancient wisdom through African asanas for the transmutation of the body’s physical memories. Physical problems have an emotional, mental and spiritual cause. When the body warns us of an illness or illness it is trying to help us become aware of the reality we have created and that our way of thinking has created a reality, which we take to be the truth. It is a journey to awareness or alignment with the strength of the creator transforming into the power of self-healing, healing in community, expanding the psychic abilities of each one as an individual through reconnection with the inner matrix, with the sacred forces and with the mysteries of creation, in all times, civilisations and cultures. This path brings the body, mind and spirit into interaction in a simple and harmonious way. Therefore, Kaizen Bakou invites you to challenge your physical body, preparing it as the vehicle for the manifestation of the spirit, through rituals, dance, chanting and meditation for the deconstruction, transformation, transmutation and integration of honouring all ancestry that sustains us.

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