From your ritual to the group ritual or from the group ritual to your ritual.

Fase I

Voice: Kwenda Lima; Music: Heart Of The Universe, Snatam Kaur and Peter Kater

Music: Coisas Bonitas, Sara Tavares

Communicate with each other in balance. It cultivates giving and receiving, in a process where individually, patience, focus, flexibility, acceptance, firmness and delicacy are worked out in relation to their own emotional conflicts and in relation to the other. Reassuring the relationship with and between them, as man and woman, respecting the importance of existence in each person’s life..
Focus Stillness. Acceptance. Confidence . Cooperation. Joy. Delicacy.

Fase II

Chant: Agni Parthene, Valaam Brethren Choir 

From silence to silence. Being able to manifest, through conscious communication, what differentiates us and what wants to unite us so much. Cultivating the space for a “Me – Moment” without feeling lonely.

Focus | Silence. Integration. Subtlety. Conversation with God.