The process communicates simplicity - through the complex journey from the seed to the tree. BAOBAB is so called the tree of life in most of the African countries. A legend of richness, mystic and superstition, it provides food, water, shelter and healing. It is therefore a vital fountain of wealth.The conscious body, in constant investigative motion, weaves the bridge which separates and unites feminine and masculine energies. The life of one within the other, through the sensations, acts, cause and effect relations that transform and tell the story. The piece showcases movement that feeds from African roots, in a cutting, animalistic and even grotesque fluidity. The determination of each movement shows from the focus on the eyes which extend to the hands, or lets itself be lulled by an oriental aromatic meditative breeze. Here, hands and feet are the echo of life’s pulsating body – proposing that we reflect on the urgency of rescuing life! - and rescuing the self, for oneself, in oneself. The action unwinds according to the momentum of the tree: the feminine (water), the masculine (fire), and silence, the bridge between the first two. These principles also overlap during the piece. The choreographer uses different body oscillations, optimized thought his dance. Earthy expressive bodies offer reflection on the necessity of Man's feminine energy as rescue. The purpose is to return to the Present the importance of ritual, forgotten in the Past, but echoing in us, increasingly urgently.