About | Kwenda Lima

"Morna, my chest... Batuque, my knees and hips... Funaná, my feet and upper body... Coladeira, my smile... Cola San Jon, my hands... Tabanka, my lost voice... Lundun, part of me which I see in you... and the rest of the rhythms are the green that Cape Verde hides behind its dry skin."

– Kwenda Lima –


Kwenda Lima, was born in Cape Verde in 1977, starting his artistic ride with African traditional dances. His a PhD in Aerospace Engineering. He has created INNER KAIZEN HUMANOLOGY concept, which he describes as a way of living, taking people to cultivates their inner self to realize that they are enough.

"You will, easily, experience happiness within you if you accept or get to know things in life just the way they are with your heart full of gratitude... instead of only making use of them."

– Kwenda Lima –

"A space to cultivate openness to personal transformation."


From within to the out through dance

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