Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register for classes/programs/events/retreats? 

Class booking/ Programs/events/retreats

The booking can be done online in advance via our home page.

The price  for registration is 18 Euros per year plus the monthly prices per class/ program as described. 

For further information please contact us here:

2. Where are your classes/events/retreats? 

Our classes/programs/events/retreats currently take place at the Art Kaizen in Lisbon. Address: Rua do Açucar N º52, Marvila | Poço do Bispo 

3. I am a complete beginner, am I able to take the classes/programs/events/retreats? 

Yes, absolutely! All beginners are welcome to join our classes/programs/events/retreats. No prior dance/meditation experience is required. We will be happy to teach you!

4. Questions during the classes/programs/events/retreats? 

Questions are more than welcome in class because the class is for you and about you after all. And don’t worry we have all been there, it is almost guaranteed  there will be someone else in class in the same boat as you.

Our classes/programs/events/retreats are for everyone. 

5. What should I bring to classes/programs/events/retreats? 

Comfortable clothing, bottle of water, towels (if needed) and willingness to learn. Leave the rest to us!

6. I am under 18 years old, can I still join?

There is no age limit to our classes/programs/events/retreats, but we will require parental consent for those under 18 years old, prior to your booking & attending the class. Please contact us in advance here:

7. Will classes/programs/events/retreats be filmed? 

Some classes will be filmed and videos will be posted  for IKH promotion on our website and  Youtube channel. If for any reason you don’t want to be in the videos (or if parents/ guardians don’t want their child to be in the videos) please let us know in advance.

The videos and  photos will only be of use for IKH promotion on the website and youtube.   

8. Cancellation policy

Week Classes:

You can cancel your class booking online up to 72 hours before the class’ start time. If you cancel within de 72 hours notice you will be given a credit. That credit will be valid for 6 months. 

what If I fail to attend to a class? 

If you can not cancel within de 72 hours notice we can not assure the class credit.

If a class is cancelled by Art Kaizen, we will offer you a credit. The credit is valid for 6 months.

Programs/ Events/ Retreats:

If by any chance you can not attend the program/event/retreat you can  transfer that reservation to another person as a kind kaizen offer or if you prefer you can cancel your booking online.

Should you choose to cancel the booking there will be no refund of the payment but you will be given a credit valid for 6 months. 


If you fail to attend to an program/event/retreat?

Without prior notice, we are unable to offer event/retreat credit unless you can justify why you were unable to inform us. Art Kaizen will analyze each justification.

If an event/retreat is cancelled by Art Kaizen, there will be no refund of the payment. We will notify the cancellation and offer you a credit for the same program/event/retreat that will be valid for 12 months.

9. Disclaimers

Any person who participates in classes/programs/events/retreats provided by Art Kaizen shall do so at his/her own risk. He/she shall assume all risks involved, including but not limited to: all lost or stolen property, cost, claim, injury, damage or liability sustained while participating. Art Kaizen will not be held liable for any misfortune that may occur.


By attending Art Kaizen classes/programs/events/retreats, you are agreeing to the above and are certifying that you are in good health and have consulted a doctor, if required before attending a class/program/event/retreat.

We hope you can find the answers to your questions on this page, however, if you still have any further question please email us here:

All questions will be answered within 2 business working days.