Dear Students,

we would like to give you, first hand, the measures that have been implemented, beyond the guidelines of the DGS. 

And because security depends on everyone, we would like to ask you to prepare yourself for this return too!

  1. In this first phase, we will work behind closed doors: Registration and payments are made online on the website.

  1. We worked on  the website, so that everything can be dealt online with maximum convenience for everyone (bookings, doubts and payments) limitation of capacity and capacity adjustment according with DGS norms and reinforcement of cleaning and hygiene care.

  1. Schedule: Groups with a maximum limitation.

  1. We kindly ask you to come equipped with training clothes to make things easier. The showers are not available for use, however you can  use the toilet and the space for  changing clothes only.

  1. We kindly ask you to Arrive 15 minutes before training time. Please leave  your  belongings at the entrance and use the antiseptic solution dispensers available . 

  1. Footwear as usual at the door.

  1. Do the feet  cleaning ritual (please bring a small towel from home) 

  1. Avoid using spaces other than those used in practice.

  1. In the end,  please do not stay in the space beyond 15 minutes after the session has ended.

  1. We privilege and ensure the regular natural ventilation of spaces, through the opening of doors and windows.

Students enrolling in a group must remain in that group for the entire duration of the 3-month program.

This is a space that remains for everyone and to everyone.

If you still have any further question please email us here: