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Holding hands with Art Kaizen | Boole, Jërëjëf

Art Kaizen is a space built through transformation and created by, with and for the art. Kaizen is the word that best defines this space which is much more than a project that involves the four walls that surround it. It is, rather, a Sacred Temple, which reveals  the creation and materialization of a dream, sustained in the spiritualization and manifestation of an ideal through intense manual work (physical, emotional and spiritual) between the Being of Kwenda Lima and the geographical space of  a warehouse that longed to be reborn as a Matrix capable of welcoming any living Being thirsting for a conscious life. The Art Kaizen Temple has been and will always be a space in which every individual who feels united to the cause of Life can be and remain with us. In this unique moment when all of humanity goes through this great test of collective transformation, Art Kaizen invites you to continue to believe in this project of Love and Delivery, so that together and hand in hand we can continue to edify and construct this Temple that belongs to Everyone.
From the Above, we gratefully rely in all that you deeply feel within, to set your stone, in the shape of a donation, on this building that belongs to all of us.

Gratitude | Niokobok

United we Stand!!!

"During our pilgrimage on Earth, let’s shift our thinking from what can I get to what can I offer. Niokobok*. So be it."

by KL | Abraham Shalom Yallah Bakhna

Raquel Peres

Raquel Peres

Artist Makeup

As I see Art kaizen….. It would be much easier if I could convey my thoughts, my state of mind, my tranquility, my peace every time I enter this very special space….and yes it is very special, which is why it is so difficult for me to convey in words all this great feeling of mine. I can only say to you that those who are lucky enough to enter there are unlikely to leave the same… Kwenda is a magical BEING of goodness, a being so enlightened with joy and love that he is not indifferent to anyone, not only with his immense spirituality but also in the way he demonstrates it by dancing, I confess that I have never seen anyone with the control of his body as Kwenda has. I feel at peace in tranquility in love and I feel that I have learned to look at myself differently, for the better, and to look at the simplicity of life as something that can be as transformative as simply watching a flower grow… .. I said it was difficult to describe this space however I can assure you that of all those I took there LOVED KWENDA.. KWENDA thank you from my heart for all the affection, love, wisdom, gift of speech and teaching you have for me broadcast. I LOVE GOING TO THE ART KAIZEN There is and I love the foot purification ritual even in winter!