IKH | Kaizen Bakou

It's a way of living by cultivating yourself with responsability.

The dancing, gesturing body externalises Kwenda Lima’s guiding principle: rhythm’s ritualistic dimension, drawn out through live drummers or by combining recorded percussion with his own drums. The polyrhythmic contrasts of timbres and timelines reveals Kaizen Bakou’s “dependence” on not merely rhythm, but polyrhythm. Divided into groups that simultaneously pursue different movements and/ or contrapuntal chants to work with each other, the workshop becomes a pulsating, percussive, polyrhythmic body. Through ‘the pleasurable dimension’ of physical exhilaration, it bursts through the ‘straitjacket’ of Western rhythm.

strength . Stillness . Courage . Joy . persistence . Relaxation

Allow the African traditions to heal your body.