"Do not try to make use of things in your life... accept or get to know them the way they are... with your heart full of gratitude...then you will, easily, experience happiness within you."

– Kwenda Lima –

About me

Morna, my chest... Batuque, my knees and hips... Funaná, my feet and upper body... Coladeira, my smile... Cola San Jon, my hands... Tabanka, my lost voice... Lundun, part of me which I see in you... and the rest of the rhythms are the green that Cape Verde hides behind its dry skin.

I was born in Cape Verde in 1977, starting my artistic ride with tradicional African dances. Heading to Portugal in 1997 for a graduation in Aerospace Engineering - IST (Instituto Superior Tecnico), proceeding to London in 2003 for my PhD in the same field. I finished it but then I realise that both are linked: Art and Science. So, I chose Art!!!!

Dance it's a kind of engineering!!!

... Around the world

"Once again - thank you for sharing positive energy with us in Belgrade Kwenda. Listening you and learning from you was great experience. Hope that your life path will bring you to us again or us to you again :) "

– Nemanja Veskovic –